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Every week I will display on this page, items that I saw in auctions worldwide and that are of interest to make a profit as investment, or to contribute to the aesthetic of an art collection, or simply the first steps to an art collection.
I will consider only pictural fine art , such as paintings, gouaches, watercolors, drawings. I will try to avoid prints of all types since there is a problem worldwide with fakes, copies, or over numbered editions.
Unless we speak about important prints by Picasso, Warhol etc, I will not advise any investment in prints.
I will consider at first the quality of an artwork, the rarity, the potential investment of an upcoming artist, a painting attributed to an old master but of very high quality.
The values may be from a thousand $ up to several hundred of thousand of $ 
Please contact us for information, opinion, evaluation of the estimate. Contact

Week June 4 to June 10 2018: focus on Boldini, Tiepolo, Guardi, Sam Francis, Atlan, Leduc, Nibbrig, Tschang Yeul Kim.

Style of Giambattista Tiepolo


Venitian school around 1800, in the style of Giambattista Tieolo,
Camp scene 
79 cm x 166 cm or 31" x 65" 
Estimated Euros 3.000 - 4.000 $ 3,500 to 5,000
Will be sold by Millon auctions in Paris 13 June 2018 

Even if this a school, in the style of Tiepolo, this artwork is a fantastic work by an unknown artist.
It shows once more that an old masters if not identified is almost worthless in an aution, which in my opinion is totally unfair


Giacomo Guardi drawing ink and gouache

Same auction Millon June 13 2018,
Giacomo Guardi (1764-1835) Italy 
gouache, ink , watercolor, pen 
View of San MArco plazza, noted in Italian on the back 
12.5 x 22.5 cm or 5"x 9" 
estimated Euros 4.000-6000 or $ 4,800 - 7,000

not to confuse with his fater Francesco Guardi.
He continued his father's line of work, though without the same level of renown. The majority of his works are quite small views of only minor artistic interest, more akin to postcards than to his father's grand scenes, but he produced several paintings showcasing a notable level of artistic skill as well. Evaluating his legacy is somewhat complicated due to the frequency with which paintings are misattributed to him.

Circle of Giovanni Boldini

Same auction Millon June 13, 2018 
Circle of Giovanni Boldini, around 1900 
Oil on canvas
59cm x 81 cm or 23" x 31"
estimated Euros 1.000-1.500 or $ 1400 - 1800
Very nice work


Opportunity to own a very good post impressionist painting, at a very affordable price

Jean-Michel Atlan

Sam Francis
Untitled (SF91-76; SF90-903PRS) - Circa 1990
Acrylic on paper 
Signed dated & noted o the back"Sam Francis, 1990, SFPRS 903"
105 cm x 75 cm or 42" x 30"
estimated Euros 60.000 / 80.000 or $ 70,000 / 90,000
Provenance : Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York 
Galerie Bernard Cats, Bruxelles 
Collection particulière, Bruxelles 
Sale at Artcurial France June 5  2018

Important American artist
Large item
Definitely a very good investment at that price

Jean Michel Atlan
Untitled - 1955
Oil on canvas
Signed right lower corner "Atlan"
h: 81 w: 54 cm 
Estimated Euros 30.000  /40.000 or $35,000 / 43,000
Provenance : Private Collection
Vente, Paris, Etude Binoche & Godeau, 8 mars 1996, lot 3 
Collection Mr. & Mrs. François Delrieu
Sale Artcurial France June 5  2018

Fantastic painter,
Prices for a painting like this one would have been $ 150,000 10 years ago.
No doubt that the value of the paintings by this artist will climb very soon.

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