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Van Weyenbergh Fine Art has spent the last 35 years working as an art expert for the research of authentication major masters  Rembrandt and Raphael up to Warhol and Picasso.
We consult online and worldwide onsite.
Check our reputation card from  


February 2021: opening office in Cabo San Lucas - Baja California

At Art Authentication Expert you are dealing directly with the expert, one on one.
Our service is personalized, we respond to your needs and your questions by phone or email.
To obtain a free opinion on the possible authenticity please send photos front and back of the artwork + sizes,
text to 760-296-7175  or go to Contact Form. Same day response on opinion.

What is Art Authenticity? 

What an art expert should provide in art authentication!

The 7 steps Credibility of the expert .... 


What is an Art Appraisal?

An art appraisal is not an art authentication!
Free art appraisals?


As experienced private art brokers and art appraisers dealing with major galleries in Paris, Brussels and New York, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Aman, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and recognized art...


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