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11/15/2019 Catastrophic flooding in Venice Italy ... read
11/14/2019 Exceptional exhibition in Rome, Torlonia Collection ... read
11/11/2019 MOMA NY reopens doors after 4 months remodeling... read 
11/08/2019 Extreme right Mr. Alvim, head of Culture in Brazil ... read
11/05/2019 Start an art collection, where do I begin?
10/30/2019 National Gallery acquires $ 2.6millions painting estimated $ 150,000... read
10/27/2019 Art expert discovers artwork sold $ 21millions ... read 
10/24/2019 Another Leonardo da Vinci discovered, again?
10/23/2019 Luca Giordano at Palazzo Medici Riccardi ... read 

10/18/2019 Estimated $1000 sold $418,000 at Freeman's auctions ... read 
10/14/2019 France restitutes African Art to Africa part 2 ... read
10/10/2019 France restitutes African Art to Africa part 1 ... read