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Want a Picasso valued 1 M $ for $100? It is possible through a lottery.

The painting, valued at 1 million euros, is entitled "Still Life."

Painted in 1921, it is a geometric composition showing a piece of newspaper and a glass of absinthe. With the lottery, the organizers hope to raise 20 million euros. One million will be paid to the owner of the painting, the collector David Nahmad, and the rest will be used to finance a project of the NGO Care in Africa.

In 2013, the organizers of the lottery had already tested the concept and managed to raise $ 5 million to renovate the Lebanese city of Tire.

"Usually, art is associated with volunteering at gala dinners where works of art are auctioned, and the event remains open only to people who bought a seat at this dinner and who have the funds to buy it," commented Péri Cochin, the promoter of this initiative. With this lottery, "100 euros is a significant sum, but there are many people who can put 100 euros," he added.

Picasso created "Still life" at a time where he "synthesized realistic and cubist currents", told AFP Laurent Le Bon, director of museum Picasso, where the painting is currently on display. According to him, "it is a work that makes you think and dream."

The draw will take place in Paris on January 6, 2020. In 2013, a 25-year-old American, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, won. The organizers plan to hold this type of lottery each year for the benefit of various humanitarian associations. Tickets are on sale at

Article AFP

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