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The Notre-Dame de Paris reconstruction supervised by a 5 stars General

Georgelin is a man who has spent most of his career in Paris, known for his outspokenness. He was head of the private staff of France President, Jacques Chirac (2002-2006), then Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMA, 2006-2010), eight years at the heart of politico-military power. He then became Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor.

As Cema chief of staff, he was the prime contractor for the French army's external operations, particularly in Côte d'Ivoire, Afghanistan, in the Balkans or in Lebanon. He supervised generally any French military presence in operation. Strong voice and solid build, this single man has always been considered a man with a rough character. "He knows how to berate people," said in 2006 a high ranked officer about this colorful general we loved ... or not. Passionate about politics and history, great reader, Jean-Louis Georgelin is a believing man, remaining discreet about his faith.

Man of a few words

He had not hesitated to scratch president Macron, after the crisis opened in 2017 between the chief of the state and his chief of staff Pierre de Villiers on budgetary questions. This crisis caused the departure of Georgelin. "What remains (of this episode) in my opinion in the armies today is the verbal aggression of the President of the Republic on the Chief of Staff", said in 2018 General Georgelin, a man with a rare word, on France Culture.

Born August 30, 1948 in Aspet (Haute-Garonne), former student of the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr, holder of a certificate of higher general military studies and parachuting, Jean-Louis Georgelin is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA). As assistant for Army Chief of Staff in the early 1980s, he rose through the ranks of this army and headed financial planning office at the staff (1988-1991). Commander of the 153rd Infantry Regiment in Mutzig (1991-1993), he was deputy commander of the Prime Minister's Military Office (1994-1997), before being appointed deputy general commander of the 11th Parachute Division in May 1997. Head of Plans Office at SFOR (NATO Force in Bosnia) in 1997-1998), he was planning officer for the staff of the army from 1998 to 2002, before joining the Elysee, presidential palace. Article in Le Point from April 17.

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