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Peter Brant, N.Y. businessman, opens a new Art Center with an exhibition of his works by Basquiat.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center is set to open a new exhibition space in New York in March 2019. The first event will be dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat. More than 10 years ago, Peter Brant had already opened a first facility in Greenwich, Connecticut. Part of his huge collection, works by Jeff Koons, Richard Serra or Maurizio Cattelan, is exhibited in the gardens and during temporary exhibitions, available for free by appointment.

According to Artnews, this new space will occupy a building acquired for $ 27 million in 2014. Peter Brant plans to organize exhibitions based on art of his collection. However the inaugural event is different from such a project since it is organized in collaboration with the Louis Vuitton Foundation and art historian Dieter Buchhart, curator of the exhibition Basquiat which opens in Paris this autumn . Is it a repetition or model of the Parisian event? It will include in any case works belonging to Brant but also art loaned by institutions and other collectors.

The announcement of this ambitious new project is provoking many reactions because of another case involving Peter Brant. Owner of the magazine “Interview”, founded by Andy Warhol in 1969, had declared bankruptcy last May, escaping the reimbursement of a debt of $ 3.3 million to his collaborators who sued him. In late August the re-opening of the magazine, acquired by the daughter of Brant for 1.5 million dollars, was announced in a total surprise to anyone.

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