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Guide to know Galle, Tiffany, Lalique and others, published by Christie's.

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Christie’s helpful guide for Tiffany, Galle, Lalique, 18th. Century French furniture Glossary for furniture , etc

You want to know how to recognize a Tiffany lamp from a replica The difference between Tiffany Studios and Louis Comfort Tiffany The importance of the base etc

From hand-blown works to industrial made pieces Be careful for imitations the cracks damage the value of a Galle

The difference with other glassmakers The importance of state of conservation The favorite pieces Why so much differences in prices for the same model

All the vocabulary used for furniture in alphabetic order , from Abattant to Zetan , a rich documented file.

The French ebenists and their stamps, the importance and the description of the meaning The styles from Louis XIV to Louis XVI Why to invest in French 18th. century now.

The marks are of prime importance Be careful for fakes Where to see magnificent Sevres porcelain

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