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Estimated $1000 a drawing sells for $418,000 at Freeman's Auction house.

Because of the information on the internet, professionals find works of high quality in auctions where they have a wrong or poor attribution.

A double-sided drawing of Giovanni Antonio da Pordenone that was auctioned in Philadelphia, at Freeman's Auction, on 2 October 2019. Estimated $ 1,500 to $ 2,000, it literally went to $ 385,000, or $ 418,000 with buyer fees. Freeman auction house presented the double-sided drawing as a work from the 16th century Tuscan School.

It may well be that Freeman's auction house knew that it was an important artwork since they alarmed the merchants, specialized in that domain of this sale.

The drawing is a preparatory work to a fresco painted by Pordenone in the Duomo of Cremona: The Judgment of Christ by Pilate.

The recto prepares, to the black stone, the character to the right of the painting.

The reverse is a study of the soldier pulling Christ by his tunic. If the comparisons make obvious the attribution, supported by the style of the drawing, the artist will still slightly vary the attitudes of the characters.

La Tribune de l'Art, Rykner

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