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Burger King, Superbowl LIII and Andy Warhol

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Superbowl is 3 main events in one:

The game itself

Half time show

Commercials shown at the breaks in the game

Businesses are competing with each other to bring the best commercial

Burger King showed a 45 seconds sequence of a movie with Andy Warhol.This sequence brought the opposite of what the viewer expects: spectacular commercials, with famous actors, actresses.

The sequence was taken from a 4.30 minutes film by Jorgen Leth showing Andy Warhol eating an hamburger

The only modification to the movie is at the end where we see a logo

# Eatlike Andy …

Burger King had launched a mysterious campaign before the game, with a box containing ketchup and a gray wig.

Americans reacted, for some calling it a genius commercial move by Burger King, for some others a too artsy movie as boring as the game was!

Here is the complete movie on Youtube

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