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Banksy and the climate change emergency, new mural in London

A child sitting on the ground near a small green plant and holding an hourglass in a circle to signify time is running out to save the planet. The mural appeared on Friday near Marble Arch and was attributed to Banksy . "From now on, despair ends and tactics begin," he writes in big white letters next to the child wearing a headscarf.

Experts quoted in the Evening Standard claim that Banksy did the work. "I think for sure it's him," said auctioneer Andrew Tetley "I'm sure it's him," said art dealer John Brandler, who had acquired a work by the artist that appeared on a wall of the industrial city of Port Talbot, Wales. Contacted by AFP, Banksy's team did not react.

Banksy's identity has been a well-kept secret since its beginnings in the 1990s. We know his (British) nationality, his hometown (Bristol), his Instagram page with 5.7 million subscribers and his website, where he puts his works online, without further comment.

The artwork is a reference to the green disobedience movement "Extinction Rebellion"

This time, the painting echoes the movement "Extinction Rebellion" at the origin of the mobilization for "a state of ecological emergency". Thousands of protesters peacefully disturbed the British capital London for eleven days by blocking bridges and arteries, climbing the roofs of metros.

In total, the police have carried out nearly 1,130 arrests and 69 people are expected to appear soon in court for obstruction of public road and resistance to action by the police. 20 minutes/fr article

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