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Art Basel 2019, June13 - 16, All what you need to know , artists, gallerists, history

Art | Basel

Art Basel in Basel , June 13 – June 16 All what you need to know , the galleries, the artists an history of Art Basel, the executive team and press release. A world Art event where to find upcoming and established artists from all over the world. Art Basel's world-leading shows in Basel, Hong-Kong and Miami connect collectors, galleries, and artists.

Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckne, Balz Hil,

Marc Spiegler Daniel Degen

Patrick Foret

Noah Horowitz Adeline ooi

several press releases about Art Basel 2019

751 galleries from all over the world participate in Art Basel 2019

5424 artists exhibit in Art Basel 2019

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Art Basel 2019

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