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8 apps for the art amateur and the expert.

8 apps showing you the history of a painting, the value of the painting, the location, anecdotes and quotes, etc. A mine of information for the art amateur, but also the expert.

1/ Google Arts & Culture, the most comprehensive

Recently contested for "Face match" functionality, which offers to find your arty twin, the application also has another potential! Like breathtaking virtual tours (Taj Mahal, Frida Kahlo museum, etc.), works in very high definition or mini thematic files (red in art, impressionism, the history of works stolen by the Nazis ). The application contains an impressive amount of images and information, often written in partnership with major museums!

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore: Google Arts & Culture

2/ Minitopo, the most educational

After the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), here is microlearning. Behind this anglicism hides a new way of learning daily, in small touches, over a short period. Minitopo has made it its specialty. The user selects from a "library" the subject of his choice (art, gastronomy, astronomy, tourism, etc.) and follows a conversation between an enthusiast and the curious in the form of exchange on instant messaging. The collaborative application gives pride of place to contemporary art, in particular via a scenario: Alice, a young amateur, challenges herself to explain the art of the Center Pompidou by SMS to her skeptical grandmother.

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore: Minitopo

3/ Magnus, the most connected.

Created by a young entrepreneur, this free application is all the conversations. It allows you to identify almost any work with your Smartphone in just a few minutes. Querying a database rich with 10 million references provided by galleries, auction rooms, but also the users themselves, it also tells you where the work has been exhibited, as well as its latest sales results. A tool not always reliable, but the technology it uses should improve in the coming years.

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore: Magnus

4/ Smartify, the most expert

A contender for "Shazam of art," Smartify was launched in May 2017. If this application uses the same visual recognition technology as Magnus, it is more for the general public. During a visit to a museum, it allows you to complete the information on an artwork by offering more in-depth comments. The user can also keep their favorite images in a virtual album and share them with the Smartify community. The database is limited to partner museums but continues to grow.

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore: Smartify

5/ Street Art Cities, the most urban

More and more cities are organizing sightseeing tours to highlight their street art heritage. But for those who prefer to be autonomous and see the most beautiful walls painted at their own pace, there is the Street Art Cities application. It provides interactive maps, offering glimpses of the frescoes on which you just have to click to discover the address, the artist, and a short explanatory text. Useful for identifying neighborhoods to visit and learning a little more about urban art.

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore: Street Art Cities

5/ Artips, the most fun

Because art history is also a multitude of funny anecdotes, Artips - in addition to its daily newsletter to read in a minute - offers an application. Very easy and pleasant to use, the user will learn from whom Salvador Dalí stole his mustache or how Gustave Courbet used to regulate his heartache in painting, etc. Homeopathic doses of culture essential accessible to all.

Free (limited version), available on Appstore and Playstore: Artips

6/ Fondation Ricard, the most practical

The Ricard Foundation is not only an institution that supports young artists, but it is also an application whose section "Galleries for use" is a real gold mine. A very clear agenda highlights the exhibitions that are coming to an end, the openings to come and the programming in progress in the galleries. Speakers are given the floor in the art world around three of their favorites in the "Best before" section. An essential tool to have in your pocket.

Free, available on Appstore: Corporate Foundation Ricard

7/ Izi, the simplest and most effective

This excellent audio guide will accompany you on all your visits, from the small provincial museum to the Louvre, including major international exhibitions. Available in more than 13 languages, this application is very easy to use. Difficult to believe that it is free as its offer is vast. Also, it leaves the possibility for the user to create his own commentary on the subject of his choice.

Free, available on Appstore and Playstore: Izi Travel

8/ Curiator, the most creative

It is the essential application for art addicts! A social network dedicated to art, Curiator presents a news feed fed with images of all kinds. Like Instagram, you can scroll endlessly and make a contribution. Once the work and its description platel have been photographed, the application transcribes basic information such as the artist's name, title, and date. Everything is then saved to your own virtual collection, which you can keep private or share. Wake up the exhibition commissioner inside you!


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