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31 years ago a Damien Hirst bought $ 700, will fetch $ 1,6 - 2,2 M

The British collector who owns this piece made by artist Damien Hirst (photo) could get between 1.4 and 2 million euros at an auction.

Robert Tibbles had a nose for art in 1989. Or a stroke of luck. As CNN tells , this British collector offered himself at the time a work made by Damien Hirst, a young graduate of the College of Art, for about 770 $. Thirty-one years later, he could sell it between 1.6 and 2.2 million $ during an auction at Philipps Auctions next February. Because since then, its author has become one of the most brilliant and controversial British artists of his generation.

Bodies, the name of this work, represents a medicine cabinet filled with various drugs. Damien Hirst will have produced twelve such cabinets in his "Medicine" series, using empty drug packaging. "The more you look at it, the more you see and start to understand all the little details. From the different drugs that are put in it to the fact that the packages are named after the songs on the Sex Pistols album, which makes it even more special, idiosyncratic and enjoyable, "commented Robert Tibbles to CNN regarding" Bodies ", which he bought the year the author graduated.

12 million euros for a dead calf preserved in formalin

This art-loving banker will sell 30 works from his personal collection, including five from Hirst. This is estimated to bring him around 4.5 million euros. Hirst is a member of the Young British Artists collective, "known for their openness to materials and processes, shock tactics and entrepreneurial attitude" according to their description by Tate, a British organization grouping several museums.

Among these best-known works, CNN cites a human skull studded with diamonds (" For the love of God "), which cost the artist 20 million euros, which financed it alone. The auction record for one of these works was reached in 2008 for " The Golden Calf ", namely a dead calf kept in a huge aquarium filled with formalin. Weighing ten tonnes, it was sold for around 12 million euros in 2008

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